Class 1 Making Chocolate from Cacao Beans!

Making chocolate from scratch by hand. (Otherwise known as chocolate exercise!)

You will learn what the chocolate is and how it’s made, and you can take handmade chocolate to your home.

2hrs for $40-/person

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Class 2 Be a professional chocolate taster!

We’ll taste chocolate from different origins, made with different methods, and so on (the content will vary depends on the class).

You will taste 4-5 kinds of chocolate and learn how to eat bean-to-bar chocolate and describe flavour notes professionally. In addition, you’ll learn what the bean-to-bar chocolate is, the structure of chocolate!

1hr for $25-/person

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Class 0 Discover chocolate ingredients!

We’ll taste chocolate ingredients you usually see in the ingredients list on chocolate packages.

Also you will taste 4-5 kinds of chocolate, and you’ll know what makes the chocolate flavour, very basic workshop to know what the chocolate is!

1hr for $15-/person

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Comments from attendances

  • Amazing experience and very educational session!

  • Chocolate making workshop was fantastic! Really appreciated learning about the bean-to-bar process and tasting the chocolate from different beans. They also offer some unique chocolate items which you can’t find at other places like the tea and Japanese flavoured truffles.